The core mission of the South African Hall of Fame will always be to find new and fresh ways to celebrate those who have done great things, inspiring those who are desperate for encouragement and finally to empower those who are on their own journey.

The proposed TV production would be a natural extension of the mission and core ideology of The South African Hall of Fame.

Cast in a different medium, our message of passionate perseverance will be reinforced through each episode, interview and closing comment.

Television remains one of the most powerful mediums in South African life, and capitalising on the communication potential of this popular channel will amplify our message of hope, especially towards those that so desperately need to hear it.

Additionally, making use of the medium of television creates an archive of living stories, a collection of footage that can be repurposed not only for big screens in our homes, but also for the multitude of connected mobile devices that permeate our lives.

In summary, creating a true-to-life and on brand TV series, depicting the struggles and triumphs of those that embody the ideals of The South African Hall of Fame, is not only the quickest way to communicate our unique message to the masses, it is also the most memorable, inspiring our audience for real life change and growth.