• A Hall of Fame Committee consisting of 10 credible individuals will sit on the selection board.
  • The Hall of Fame committee will appoint one or more honorary historians to assist the committee.
  • One member of the Hall of Fame committee is to be appointed as Secretary.
  • The Hall of Fame committee is to conduct at least four meetings a year in the months of January, June, September and November plus the official Hall of Fame function if persons are to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • The Hall of Fame Committee must at all times, work within the Hall of Fame Structure and Selection Criteria rules.


  • The committee shall consider a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to South African Sport.
  • The committee may consider a candidate’s individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character.
  • The number of games played, coached or umpired or the years of service provided shall only be a consideration and shall not be determinative in assessing a candidate’s eligibility.
  • A player, coach, umpire, administrator, office bearer or media representative involved with the South African Hall of Fame may be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • a Team which gets inducted means the team and not necessarily the individual.
  • Candidates shall be adjudged on the basis of their overall contribution to South African Sport as opposed to one specific aspect.
  • A member of the committee may be a candidate but shall not vote for his or her induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • There shall be no special order of precedence given to Hall of Fame inductees:

Hall of Fame Committee members are required to all vote on the induction of a candidate into the Hall of Fame, whether in attendance at the meeting or not.
If the Committee member is not in attendance, then their vote shall be in writing and tabled at the meeting by the Secretary.
For a candidate to be inducted into the Hall of Fame they must receive at least 70% of the votes in favour, from the Hall of Fame Committee Members.
Candidates shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame on the basis of the selection criteria and such inductees as determined by the Committee shall not require further ratification by the Board.

  • Some achievements will automatically qualify an individual or team to be inducted for example;

Any individual or team inducted in the International Hall of Fame.
Olympic Medal Winners.
Winning a Major.
Being a World Champ as Individual or team.

An achievement defying human odds.

  • The Public are allowed to nominate any individual which will be referred to the Selection Committee for possible selection.
  • Any team or individual bring their respective sport in misconduct will not be considered.
  • Sporting Greats, Teams, Commentators and Contributors born in South Africa or Played for South Africa can be considered.